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We work exclusive with WEBCOMPANIES only

Is your webpage on a bad hosting go here and some of our partners will get you onbord frho@northamlin.com

Hosting made for developers

The service we have

Wordpress for Devlopers

Wordpress Headless with js (Comming)

Jekyll (comming)

Somethings else drop us e email mahe@northamlin.com

Hosting for Webcompanies

Collect all you clients in one place

Use your own DNS

TLS Certs for your domains

Have full control of your sites in SAM

Sites running on our plattform

Some of the sites that we are happy to host, Our goal is to be behind you as a Webcompany and it would not be fair to show of our clients here


Hope i have build the BEST Wordpress Hosting out there !
Mattias Hemmingsson CTO Northamlin
We have many clients and here site need to be up. By moving to Northamlin and the google cloud we our sites are faster and have better uptime.
Jawaharlal Nehru
the page loaded in halfe the time !!!
Marianne Williamson
Moving the the cloud can help us suppliy hosting to all our clients over the globe. We are now a world wide webcompany
Lester B. Pearson

Hosting the way we want it

We have bean hosting and devloping for years. Here we have build a hosting on best practis and a serivce that we want to use when we build more things

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