Wordpress for Developers

The best wordpress hosting for developers

Control you site from Github

All your files controlled in gitbb and deployd to server with a git push origin master


Our hosting as fast all the way. Cloud SQL provides the fast SQL acces, PHP7, PHP-FPM and Nginx gives you fast process of your php files. And Google Load balanser and CDN provide Global access and static contetnt ligning fast.

This is how we can ALL A in www.webpagetest.org/


We have top security with A in transport layer secururity and all are sites and domains uses TLS Certs by defult

This is how we have A in network security www.ssllabs.com/

Bring up your site local in minutes

When we are running all our service as docker you can easy bring your site up local to work with ore skow client.

All you have to do is pull the latest and start the docker compose

Its so easy that even your sales people can do this and you clients will love you

git pull origin master

docker-compose up

visit http://localhost/

And there is you site !

Weekly backup and when YOU need it

You data will not be lost we take weekly backups of your data and push thisinto github. So you can bring back your site weeks back

You need the state now! No probs by pushing into branch "fromserver" we will make a backup and push back to you

First class hosting in the cloud and by the cloud

We are uisng the cloud 100% this means we use it there is a cloud resurse that we need we use it. In this we trust our cloud providers to keeps thing runnings.

But for extra garanta that you sites will never go down we always spred our hosting and more zones in the cloud.

We love developers and tech

We are developers and tech freak and this stack is build on what we think is the best plattform out there

gcloud to provide hosting in the cloud. Kubernetest to supper orchetring of our services. Docker images build with php7, php-fpm and nginx to provide fast php processing. cloud sql to be the best SQL server and google load balanser and cdn to provide static hosting. Simple and fast and stabil ...

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